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-currently watching:

- naruto shippuden
- tokyo ghoul
- running man
- the nightman's watch
- It's okay, That's Love


あ. 정준일
い. Standing Egg
う. Urban Zakapa
え. Coffee Boy
お. Eddy Kim
か. 10cm
き. No Reply
く. Lucia
け. Clazziquai Project
こ. High4 + Lim Kim
さ. Tako + Jhyung


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i’m so behind already omg, but i’d be really happy if i could win this poll because it’s been a while since i’ve gained followers and it’s a bit disappointing. no need to vote for me, but i’ll give you any promo you want in exchange, yeah? just vote for me here and send me…

vote for her!! shes mah baee <3